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Mt. Vernon Internal Medicine in Sandy Springs

Full details of the Mt. Vernon Internal Medicine (Business): address of the company in Georgia (US), phone number, fax, e-mail, reviews, hours of operation and etc.

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Postal (zip) code 30328
Address 755 Mount Vernon Highway NE
State Georgia
City or Town Sandy Springs
Phone number (404) 252-4100

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Opening times:

We have no information about the opening hours. If they know you, then please let us know.


About Mt. Vernon Internal Medicine:

Detailed information about the company is no longer present. More information can be obtained by calling (404) 252-4100. To send a letter, use the address: 755 Mount Vernon Highway NE, Sandy Springs, Georgia, 30328.




I will start by saying I that I think that Dr. Tinanoff is a really good doctor, she it thorough and bright. The office staff on the other hand is horrendous! I am appalled with my encounter this week, it's unreal. Like other reviews state, trying to get someone on the phone is like your odds for winning the lottery - slim to none. I was scolded in front of other staff members for a simple misunderstanding of how long it takes to get a prescription refill.

The last few times I had been able to call in the refill in the morning and they would have it ready for me by end of day. This time though it wasn't. I came into the office 10 minutes before closing, first off the entrance where you pick up your prescriptions was already locked. I knocked on the door and could hear someone at the back desk clicking away on the computer but never bothered to answer the door. I went around to the main entrance where there were 2 ladies behind the front desk. One lady just glared at me while I told them that I was here to pick up a prescription refill and the other door was already locked. The other lady was pleasant (she had short hair and glasses, didn't get a name though), she apologized saying that it shouldn't have been locked and asked for my ID for the prescription, then went to the back. I could hear other staff members in the back loudly talk about their irritation about looking for/filling my prescription. After about 20 minutes the lady came back, apologized for the wait but said that she couldn't find my prescription anywhere and that the Tinanoff had already left for the day. She asked me to come back tomorrow, I asked what time they opened to which she said 7:30am and that I should be able to get it then.

I come back this morning at 7:50am and of course the door pick up prescriptions was locked, shocking. I precede back to the main entrance, where I find the same 2 ladies at the desk. The one lady who glared at me yesterday had the same lovely expression on her face and thankfully the lady with glasses was there to greet me. She again took my ID and was off. After a few minutes the lady returned with another lady in tow (older lady with white hair) who I'm assuming was probably the office manager. I explained to her that I had called in my prescription yesterday morning, had visited last night and was told to come back this morning. She starts by saying that it takes 48 hours to refill prescriptions. I told her that previous I had no issue with same day pickup and that based on previous encountered I assumed it would have been the same. She snidely told that if every person came in whenever they wanted to pick up prescriptions that they wouldn't get anything done, her irritation was very visible. It was just down hill from there.

Honestly, this was a simple misunderstanding on operating procedures. This woman, and most of the other women in this office should not work in customer service. I could not believe that she scolded me and how frustrated she was. Instead of saying something like "I'm glad that we've been able to service your request same day previously, but it can take up to 48 hours. Since this was a holiday week we've had a high volume, which is why it's going to take 48 hours. If you come back this afternoon we should have it ready for you." Simple, easy, done. Instead I got attitude, scolded and was left feeling nothing close to valued. People in customer service, especially the medical field should treat their clients with empathy, compassion and respect, which is the polar opposite of what I received. No one asked these people to take jobs in customer service, they chose it. After the encounter today it's VERY clear that most of them should have chosen differently.

Lauren Rabenko, 07/07/2017 6:06 pm
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